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[IP] Erica made it thru camp!! My pump avocate!

Hi IP folks,

Ah, the neverending saga of Erica.  We picked her up after a week of
camp on Saturday morning and as she ran across the grass towards me, the
closer she got, the more the eyes welled up with tears, and she fell
into my arms sobbing and hugging me with all her might. I in turn, like
the terrifically tough person I am....did the same of course!  I thought
something must have gone wrong, the past 3 yrs did not involve such an
emotional pickup.  But I was wrong, she just missed us all so much.
Between tears and sobs she asked if the cat had grown much
sob...sob...and said she had fun .sob...sob...sob...sob... and...she had

The nurse was at my side in minutes with Erica's bag of pumping
supplies, said Erica was a terrific camper, taught her a lot, and was
hoping to see her again next year.  The only problem was a 'no delivery
alarm' which just went away, and high sugars on the last night that
required diligent boluses to get them down.  Even the sub-q didn't drop
them much.  Erica now has a raspy little voice and  obviously another
cold is going to rear its ugly head  grrrrr, I wish campers weren't so
quick to share everything!!  Increased temp basals all day long
yesterday and  today have dropped her numbers, I learned from the last
ear infection to get more aggressive, so we will just ride this cold out
while watching basals.

Erica was very proud of the 2 Certificates/Commendations she received.
One was to thank her for teaching all the kids in her hut about
pumping.  My Erica, who hates to be the center of attention, (unless it
is with friends who love her warped sense of humour), was asked to do a
question and answer session with the kids in her hut.  They asked, she
answered.  Most of them were "can you sleep in"  "can you eat what you
want"...enough said, they were sold.  I think a few parents are going to
be asking a few more questions about pumping in the very near future.
Yippee!!!  Hooray for Erica!

The other commendation she had was from the CDE who gave her one saying
that Erica had her very first insertion done without Mom or Dad
present.  It might not seem like much to some people, but Erica was very
proud of that little piece of paper.  Maybe next year it will read
'First Self Insertion'..I can only wish :-)

Her sugars were, well.......WILD!!  They looked like they did when she
was on needles and boy did they bring back memories, bad ones.  It
didn't bother me much, because it was such a new thing for them. They
are not accustomed to kids having sugars near normal and overtreated her
with Carnation Instant Breakfast.  As long as Erica was not upset by it,
and she wasn't.  I think by next year they will know a little better how
to handle things.  I am still learning, so I can't fault them for doing
the best they could do.  They were so positive about her pumping and so
interested in all she had to say.  It was funny to see these
professional people completely dumbfounded when Erica started explaining
the difference between Normal, Square Wave, and Dual Wave boluses.  I
think we will be seeing more of the camp staff pumping next year :-)

Well, sorry so long, but it was a big event for us, the first time
pumping at camp.  I am very proud of my little girl, I think she was a
good pump advocate, and I am hoping that some children and adults
benefitted by her presence.  I will be much more relaxed about her going
next year...yeah, she has already told me she is going back next year.
So, I am off to chase her to the bathroom to wash up for bed.....it is
so nice to have her back!!

Barb....Erica's mom

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