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[IP] Re:"illegal"

The reason humalog is not yet approved by the FDA is because there are an
inadequate number of clinical trials regarding this.  Using it in the
pump is considered "off-label use" but is not anything that anyone is
going to come and prosecute over.  Many drugs and even devices are
currently being used "off-label" at a physician's discretion (even things
like life-saving cardiac stents in renal and other peripheral arteries,
or drugs to prevent these stents from clotting off).  I imagine that the
humalog folks have some pump trials in progress (if they are smart),
which will give them full approval so that they can market this use.  
I've missed a bunch of stuff recently, so if this is redundant, my
apologies.  Oh yes, anyone interested in taking part in research may
subscribe to Centerwatch.com to find out about research in your area of
the world with your area of interest.  Right now there is a company doing
some very interesting stuff with gastroparesis.  Feel free to email me
for details.
diabetic for 19 years
pumping for 18 months (this time)
research nurse for 2 1/2 years!
email @ redacted

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