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[IP] 4 years in bed

Wayne wrote in response to Avners "I hope that MiniMed R&D people are reading 
this digest." with

> With all the great ideas people on this list have, I don't think there's
> ever been any positive response from Minimed or Disetronic, any new
> product, any new design, or any change.   We're still thinking of 
> creative uses for all the extra tubing, since they won't go to the trouble 

how about ANY response???  I wouldn't even mind a negative response now and 
then...You would THINK they would see us as the captive audience we are, and 
at least "jump in" from time to time in the discussion...but you know, if one 
of us DID come us with a great idea, and several have been suggested, such as 
selling catheters separate from tubings, and my favotrite...multiple basal 
profiles, whereby I could have one "profile" set up with my PMS rates,and one 
"profile set up for my non-PMS rates...one "profile" set up with weekend 
rates, and so on...but who would get the credit???  Someone of this list or 
some faceless "research and development team...

If I am gonna be in bed with someone for 4 years, I wouldn't mind seeing 
"his" face now and then (hello...are you MNMD and D people listening??? - )  
nahhhh...didnt think so.

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