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[IP] This thing is amazing!


Just finishing up my first week on the pump and already can't believe the
control that can be achieved.  The first night I went to bed with a BS of 91
and was a little nervous.  If I tried to do this pre pump I would have had a
bad low during the night.  I woke up every 3 hours to test and couldn't
believe how STABLE my BS's were.   The next day was a little rough because
the insulin to carb ratio was off, but that's improved.  You all were right
about the snacks.  No need for them.  I think I'm already losing those last
10 #'s from my pregnancy!

I'm trying to talk my sister into trying a pump but she's pretty resistant.
She doesn't want to be connected to it.  She's had diabetes alot longer than
I have and I worry about her developing complications.   Any advice about
talking her into it?   I'm not sure if I should just let her see the
improvement in my life or harass her until she uses one just to shut me up.

Hey, I even got over my fear of using my stomach as the site!  Didn't think
that would happen!

Donna Triolo-Clarke

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