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[IP] Waiting to pump


We had our daughter wait 1 year for her to get the pump.  Now, she is a bit 
older than your daughter.  Last year, when she was 11, we told her after her 
12th birthday we would go ahead with the pump. Our reasons at the time 
varied.  Mostly, we wanted her to  understand what a huge responsibility this 
was.  My husband and I were the primary decision makers in her D 
care...insulin dose, timing ... etc.  We told her she had to learn to count 
carbs and she would help us with the dosage of her shots.  We also wanted to 
make sure she would test without us reminding her.  So, for her, it was a 
goal.  She did a nice job, but we still remind her to test her bg's.  But, 
the  pump has been wonderful.  I am not sorry we took the time to get the 
pump, I'm just sorry we didn't consider it at the time of her dx (1996) .  I 
also don't think we really needed a year, but that is hindsight.  The 
important thing is to get the pump when all are ready.

Good luck
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