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[IP] Going to the bathroom, testing during school

Hi all,  after reading Curtis' post on encouraging your kids to stand up to 
authority when necessary on issues like going to the bathroom, if needed-  
the problem in most of our county schools is that the bathrooms are all 
locked during classes.  Only one is left open on the ground floor of the 
school.  This is to prevent kids from cutting class and hanging out in the 
bathrooms or to prevent kids from smoking (or worse) during class.  This is a 
problem not only for my son, but also for other students who get sick during 
the school day.  Josh has to go to the office to test and/or take insulin (or 
any other medicine).  Last year, he would not test at school because of this. 
 He was a freshman and felt uncomfortable with this (he is very shy).  His 
lunch period was only 20 minutes, so by the time he got to the office, got 
his meter, tested, and got to the lunchroom, he had maybe 10 minutes left to 
eat.  I will be meeting with his counselor next week to try and work out 
something better.   Our schools do not have school nurses. Any suggestions?  
Josh already has an IEP in place (due to learning disabilities), but his 
diabetes needs are not addressed on it.  So far, his teachers have been great 
about letting him go to the bathroom if necessary.  My oldest daughter 
teaches in the school system.   When I mentioned a 504 to her, she said they 
really don't like to do 504s unless they are pushed.  I am sure it is because 
of legal issues.  Annette
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