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[IP] High Blood sugars...Kevin

Hi Robin,

Glad to see/read, that other than this glitch, Kevin and you are doing
very well.  Ain't life grand ?!

Erica had an ear infection while we were on vacation.  Her afternoon
basal had to be increased from .2 to .5, and I had to basically keep it
at .5 almost all day long.  They usually range from .2 to .4.  Even
then, we still had a few high bg's to bring down.  I also changed her
insulin/carb ratio so she was getting more insulin for meals.  The
beauty of it was that it did work, and in time she was back to her old
self..YAY! Then of course, back to old basals.

But, befoer I did that,  the poor kid had had more site changes in a
week than she usually got in 3 weeks, and the sites looked great when
they were taken out.  She was also getting sub-q injections.  I changed
insulins, checked out the pump, and was getting a bit batty before I
decided to get aggressive with basals and ratios.  Finally we had good
numbers, sites were lasting 3 days again, and I didn't have to cash in
my ticket to the local 'place of rest for frazzled persons'..........

She now has another raspy throat, compliments of another camper.....they
shared a lot at camp...and I had to bolus/bolus and bolus again to bring
down sugars.  Her basal rate will be going up again today.  Of course, I
monitor her very closely when I do this because it is not an exact
science, this illness thing, at least not in our case.

Hope you get things figured out soon, the only thing that kept me sane
was the thought that it would have been worse had she been on MDI.  Pin
cushions would have had nothing on her until I made the changes!!

Hang in there!
Barb....Erica's mom

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