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[IP] Charcot foot

After three months of swollen foot, passing out from lack of potassium (one
of more interesting side effects of taking an anti-swelling lasix) and being
out of work for two months I finally have two opinions that agree and make

Doctors say I've got very early stages of Charcot foot and that I'm lucky it
was caught this early (as it usually is mistaken for an infection which is
what caused me 7 days of hospital time two months ago).

They say when the foot decides it's a foot and not almost frozen jello that
I'll be able to wear these special 'diabetic shoes' (extra padding and
whatnot to keep foot in correct shape and usage) and then I'll be able to
walk and do normal activities.

For now it is OFF THE FOOT to prevent the foot from looking like all those
pictures of charcot foot you see on the web (and on other diabetics who
apparently we NOT so lucky to catch it this early).

If anyone has any good info on Charcot or any advice (shooting Dr IS good
advice but I'm told it's against the law currently in NJ although Clinton
trying to make federal law that it's OK currently) PLEASE e-mail me directly
as I'm having hard time getting to computer (by crawling) and when I sign on
don't have hours to read (though I guess with nothing else to do now I may
as well read EVERYTHING).

thanks for listening.  Being the time that it is (are these time stamped; I
think so...it says 4:41 AM on my machine currently) I'm tired and want to
get to bed.  Spent last few hours trying to convince Net Zero to fix my
local access number and I guess I succeeded! hurray!!!

Yerachmiel Altman

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