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Re: [IP] re: 504s

That's awesome that people were so responsive to what you had to say!  It
can be so discouraging when folks just don't really give a flip.  Believe
me, I've run into some.  I'm expecting my pump in the next two weeks so I'll
be keeping your open and honest attitude towards educating everyone --
including the managers of Cracker Barrels -- in mind for my own self!  I
love hearing great tales like this -- makes me smile :)
Good luck with your site probs. and keep up the good work!
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From: amy m <email @ redacted>
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Date: Saturday, August 07, 1999 8:44 PM
Subject: [IP] re: 504s

> I see what you mean. My mom spoke with an educational consultant and
>says the best thing is education, which I got through to the nurse and
>teachers last year, but the principal refused to accept, but I think
>persistence will work, and I am going to meet with him hopefully within
>the next 2 weeks and attempt to educate again. I must say, last few
>days i've gotten good responses..was out with a friend, said I have a
>weird question (at the pretzel stand, to the lady behind the counter)
>asking about nutrition facts, what a great reaction..."that's not a
>weird question at all!" and she handed me a brochure of nutrition
>facts. Tonight I had dinner at Cracker Barrel with my family, first
>real restaurant since I started pumping,and asked about nutrition info,
>none available, they offered to let us see the manager, we did. He
>didn't know carbs or calories, just what was high fat, how many ounces
>of meat etc, but the impressive thing was he listened! I told him how
>essential the food knowledge is, especially to insulin pumpers (then
>the whole thing 60,000+, including Miss America, blah blah blah) and he
>was listening! i apologized for going into it, and my parents were
>adding things too (very supportive, b/c i was ready just to forget it,
>in the end my estimates were good) but he said he had no problem
>because he was learning something, so people do care! In the end he
>understood why my family had at least asked, (and i guess next time we
>won't worry about it at all by asking, but by estimating, I'm slowly
>getting better at carb counting), but he was going to call the head
>office of the company and put in a request for nutrition info. I was
>shocked, so in 2 days 2 very helpful people! I don't like getting into
>these things or even worrying about people being too knowledgable, but
>boy will my family and I talk when people are eager to learn, hehe!
>(please don't misunderstand what I mean:)
> Take care,
> Amy
> one last thing for me to explain (about my earlier post) site probs
>have caused some of my bg probs, but nothing too high or serious, so
>please don't think I'm stupid at this
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