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Re: [IP] bilberries

email @ redacted wrote:

> the biggest issue with use of herbs is related to lack of guarantee form the
> manufacturers that you are getting what they claim to give you.. the industry
> is not regulated by FDA because it is not food and it is not a drug... there
> are few to no controlled studies that prove the benefits.. there re
> documented horror stories of complications due to contamination of products
> by other substances like heavy metals (which can damage kidneys and other
> organs)..

Hmmm - This sort of  reminds me of what an oncologist said to a friend of mine
who admitted to taking some vitamins and herbs to increase her chances of
survival from her recently diagnosed cancer. The doctor said: "You know vitamins
can be toxic!", while meanwhile signing her up for a round of chemo-therapy

Of course any nutritional supplement COULD be contaminated - as could any food,
drug or water supply - but, it's important to have a little perspective. It would
seem reasonable that the desire for long-term repeat business would motivate the
producers of nutritional supplements to make every effort to form products which
will not shorten the lifespan of their customers!

Certainly I want to do what I can to increase the odds of having a long and
healthy life - and that includes doing lots of exercize and eating a healthy
diet. I am also not above taking a few supplements for some extra insurance. If
you know of particular brands of bilberry supplements which are contaminated or
sub-standard, or if you know of some health risks associated with using it,
please let us know - because it certainly got glowing praise from Dr. Balch.

(Type I diabetes for 30+ years and still (thankfully) very healthy...).

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