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[IP] high bgs and colds


Kevin has had a cold for 3 days now and we are battling something we hoped 
NOT to experience with a pump. He has had consistant bgs of over 200! We 
started out being conservative with the corrections because 1/2 units can 
bring him down 100 pts...but he would stay high. Today we were doing 1 unit 
corrections and temporarily raising the basal to 150%. Still high.  He doesnt 
have a fever, just a cough and running/stuffy nose going on.

It is getting frustrating. I've changed the site, changed the insulin, tubing 
etc....nothing is helping so it must be the cold.  He used to be high with 
cold and shots too.

Any suggestions???

Mom of Kevin, 11, dx 12/98
pumping since 5/99

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