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[IP] re: 504s

 I see what you mean. My mom spoke with an educational consultant and
says the best thing is education, which I got through to the nurse and
teachers last year, but the principal refused to accept, but I think
persistence will work, and I am going to meet with him hopefully within
the next 2 weeks and attempt to educate again. I must say, last few
days i've gotten good responses..was out with a friend, said I have a
weird question (at the pretzel stand, to the lady behind the counter)
asking about nutrition facts, what a great reaction..."that's not a
weird question at all!" and she handed me a brochure of nutrition
facts. Tonight I had dinner at Cracker Barrel with my family, first
real restaurant since I started pumping,and asked about nutrition info,
none available, they offered to let us see the manager, we did. He
didn't know carbs or calories, just what was high fat, how many ounces
of meat etc, but the impressive thing was he listened! I told him how
essential the food knowledge is, especially to insulin pumpers (then
the whole thing 60,000+, including Miss America, blah blah blah) and he
was listening! i apologized for going into it, and my parents were
adding things too (very supportive, b/c i was ready just to forget it,
in the end my estimates were good) but he said he had no problem
because he was learning something, so people do care! In the end he
understood why my family had at least asked, (and i guess next time we
won't worry about it at all by asking, but by estimating, I'm slowly
getting better at carb counting), but he was going to call the head
office of the company and put in a request for nutrition info. I was
shocked, so in 2 days 2 very helpful people! I don't like getting into
these things or even worrying about people being too knowledgable, but
boy will my family and I talk when people are eager to learn, hehe!
(please don't misunderstand what I mean:)
 Take care,
 one last thing for me to explain (about my earlier post) site probs
have caused some of my bg probs, but nothing too high or serious, so
please don't think I'm stupid at this

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