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Re: [IP] A1c results

In a message dated 8/5/99 12:16:09 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Just got my a1c results back...10.7.   I know that isn't good enough, and 
I'd like to have it under 7 by the next time I go, which is Oct 29, but my 
last one (PRE-pump, done in Dec.) was 14.9.  Thankfully it has come down a 
lot!   >>

Congratulations,  seems like you've been working hard .  Nice drop in a1c!!  
keep up the good work.   I'm hoping to see a nice drop in mine when I have my 
next a1c in sept.  
 Again , congrats!!!!!!!!!!!

Wendy R
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