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Re: [IP] Scuba diving

> Does anyone have any experience with scuba diving and diabetes?  I
> know it's probably not a good idea to take the pump with you
> (pressure?), but I was wondering if any of you are *avid* divers?! 
> Is it true that diving is pretty safe as long as you are in good
> control of your diabetes?? 
I can only speak about free diving which is more strenuous. It is 
easy to get low because of the heat conduction of water. Always take 
glucose gel in a closed pocket and make sure your dive buddy has it 
also. Even in a wet suit in moderate water ~ 70F, you will probably 
need extra carbs and no insulin, maybe not, YMMV. My daughter who can 
get along fine swimming in pool water, goes low while diving under 
above conditions unless she eats at least 15 g/hr of carbo. Knowing 
this, she is OK and an hour or two in the water is fine for her. She 
usually needs less insulin for a few hours after a dive. Her safety 
procedures include making sure her bg's are not dropping before going 
in and that they are 120 - 150 before starting or on the way up from 
a power bar or something similar that will keep her going for an hour 
or more.

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