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Re: [IP] Re: A1c tests

Laurie, BG highs are about 8 times more influential than lows in
determining the A1C.  Yes,the glucose can become"unstuck", but you need to
be good for a week to compensate for a full day in the 200s.   Also the
average is  more weighted toward the glucose on the healthiest (youngest)
blood cells, so the A1C is a better reflection of your control in the
previous month, rather than what they used to say, that it was over the
past 3 months.  Most docs don't keep up on the latest research re : A1c.
This info came from an article that I dont' have at home, but could
probably find in my office  next week if anyone is interested.

<<<<<<<Bravo, bravo and thank you! As someone who performed glycos for years
in the lab, how nice to see a reply from a person who really understands
the test. I have been to *endos* who told me the A1C was an average and
that lows could counterbalance highs.
My only question for you is - are you sure they don't easily become
"unstuck"? My impression was that RBC glycosylation was a very permanent
and final process. If we only *could* make them become unstuck.....
Thank you,
Laurie, MT>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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