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Re: [IP] 504's again


When I look back at my mandatory school days, I wish I had been more
defiant.  Not disruptive but more American.  What I think school does is
teach that you do what the authorities say, not what is intelligent or fair
but what they say because they said it.

when my wife was in 4th grade she was taking a test.  She was a great
student.  She needed to go to the restroom but her teacher said that was not
allowed during the test.  That is reasonable as long as you don't have to
go.  Well, being the great student that she was she sat in her desk and peed
her pants.  4th graders are very cruel persons.  This event followed her
through high school.

We decided that our kids would have the authority to go to the bathroom
whenever they really needed to.  That was before the big d.  Now it is a
medical need, not so much a philosophical one of defiance to misplaced

So, question authority even when they say you can't. :^)

Curtis Lomax

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