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Re: re:[IP] .1 increments or .5 increments


Your suggestion below is excellent.  You are right in that at mealtimes she
gets .5 to 2.0 units of Humalog.  Although at night, she gets .25 unit of
Lente.  We have to use diluted Lente.  And believe it or not, we still get
several lows a week in the middle of the night that have left my husband and
I very tired.  I'm not quite sure how that works with the pump if she would
be getting a basal rate of .1 unit.  You've got me thinking now.  This is a
good question for our nurse educator and endo.  If anyone else was in a
similar situation, I would love to hear from you.


>Anita using Eliz' pump first,
>(and other Disetronic users in IP list)
>.5unit/beep is only the "pre-set-standard" for Disetronic pumps,
>As you have become aware and others have mentioned already, this
>and every other parameter can be set to something else if you
>(or ordering health-care professional) ask. Some practicioners
>may even have the D-modem accessible in their practice-offices,
>so you might even be able to avoid the "send it to Minneapolis"
>  When I started using my Disetronic H-Tron more than 6 years ago,
>(the ancestor of Elizabeth's H-Tron Plus), I had a doctor who
>wanted me to have it reduced from .5 to .1 unit/beep bolus step
>like you are asking about.
>  I talked him into a compromise I have been most satisfied with,
>0.2 unit/beep (or 5beeps/unit).  A related parameter is the
>maximum-bolus size, which is actually a beep-count, NOT the
>size in units: increased from 30 (=15 u @ .5u/beep (?)) to
>50 beeps=10 units @ .2u/beep .
>This means my typical meal boluses(for 172 pounds 6 feet 47yr male)
>of 4.8 to 6.2 units become 24 to 31 beeps.
>I've known of other Disetronic-users having even 1 or 2units/beep,
>and .3 .4 .6 .7 ... are all possible, but 0.1 0.2 0.5 seem the usual.
>  Your mention of "button 20 times to give bolus" suggests you've
>been injecting 2unit boluses in MDI as typical, so you could choose
>either 0.1 or 0.2 as you find convenient.
>David C. Winegarden
>Fremont, CA
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