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Re: [IP] .1 increments or .5 increments

On 7 Aug 99, at 18:06, Anita Kuchera wrote:
> practice.  What I have noticed is that .5 unit bolus is not low enough =
> unless I want to round up or down.  We will be getting the Disetronic =
> pump and I have heard that the pump can be programmed for .1 increments =
> for the bolus at the factory.  Our nurse educator feels that this will =
> be difficult since we may have to hit the button as many as 20 times to =
> give her a bolus.  I think that this ok if it gives me more control over =
> the amount.  For those of you who have small children on the pump, what =
> worked best for you?

But it is not necessary to send it to the "factory".  Disetronic has 
an option to be programmed via modem. Check out the site:


Locating an Endo who has this equipment may be the question, 
but I'm sure Disetronic can provide that information.

Oh, and I "hit the button" 20 times when doing banquet meals (or 
hot fudge sundaes) mmmmmmmm!!!!


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