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[IP] Should have taught my son to use the pen!

My son went to a water park this week with camp.  He ate lunch before going 
on any of the slides etc...so he got in that bolus .  He disconnected before 
getting wet.  Apparently on the first ride, his whole site came loose and 
came out.  He's 11.5  (pumping 4+ yrears) and hasn't been willing to put in 
the site himself.  (He still wants the EMLA for an hour).  Before he left our 
house that morning, I showed him the new Lilly Humalog Disposable pen and how 
to use it, but he hadn't ever injected himself.  He checked his bg when he 
got on the bus to go home from the water park and it was 106.  So he assumed 
all was well , no big deal.  I didn't hear from him so I assumed all was 
well.  I arrived at the camp after he had already been back over 45 minutes.  
He was agitated and in a bad mood.  In our van he tested his blood and it was 
up to 276.  He said it never occurred to him to test his bg again and he 
didn't think to give himself insulin, after all, an hour or so ago it had 
been 106.  He's had diabetes for 10+ years.  I hoped he knew enough to take 
the pen and give himself a little insulin since he was disconnected and not  
getting any insulin while sitting still.  He really had never given himself 
injections even before going on the pump.  Now I know, he has to be trained 
to use the pen with confidence for those special times when the pump just 
isn't attached or isn't functioning.   I really felt like I failed teaching 
him the basics when this happened.  I hope this will help empower others to 
learn from my mistake.

I'm beginning to think  Sega Dreamcast will be the ticket to getting him to 
take over the site insertions before the end of the millenium.   Do the kids 
on the young pumpers list talk about learning to insert the infusion sets 

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