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Re: [IP] Re: A1c tests

> My only
> question for you is - are you sure they don't easily become
> "unstuck"? My impression was that RBC glycosylation was a very
> permanent and final process. If we only *could* make them become
> unstuck.....

You probably know better than most. My comment was from general 
knowledge sort of "picked up" from reading many studies etc.... I 
don't actually recall the exact words. The impression I got was that 
it was a one way process, but nothing was really said in the article 
about whether or not it was reversible. Since the life of a red blood 
cell is only about 90 - 120 days, the point is not interesting for 
them. It is much more interesting for other tissues in the body which 
live much, much longer and suffer more serious consequences from the 
attachment of the unwanted molecule (i.e. nerves, small muscle cells, 
organ tissue, etc...).

If someone has a definitive answer or can cite a particular source 
document, the info would be appreciated.

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