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[IP] .1 increments or .5 increments

Hi all,
This is my first email to the list.  So, here goes my questions.  My little one, Elisabeth age 5, will be going on the pump in a few weeks.  I have been wearing the pump (don't worry -- no insulin, I'm just using saline) most of the week and giving myself a basal rate of .1 with a bolus of whatever I would calculate for Elisabeth.  Remember, this is practice.  What I have noticed is that .5 unit bolus is not low enough unless I want to round up or down.  We will be getting the Disetronic pump and I have heard that the pump can be programmed for .1 increments for the bolus at the factory.  Our nurse educator feels that this will be difficult since we may have to hit the button as many as 20 times to give her a bolus.  I think that this ok if it gives me more control over the amount.  For those of you who have small children on the pump, what worked best for you?