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[IP] I just have to brag!

hey all--
 call me a hormonal teen, but I'm glad I have my pump! this last week
has been rough, I worked out the night basals but nothing's helped yet,
I stayed low all night last night, (i swear, my mom really hates my
pump), then went high and had some ketones..nice bday present! Yeah,
I'm 16 today and can drive without my parents in the car, was out all
morning of course they are trying to control it like crazy, but hey!
And at least with the pump I don't have to worry quite so much about
lows with driving, although I'm not comfortable quite yet. And when I
go out to dinner later and when I eat birthday cake, I'm not limiting
myself to that tiny piece with no frosting, I'm going to eat what feels
NATURAL for the first time in my past ten birthdays! My control this
week basically sucks, but there's too much otherstuff going on, so...
 I LOVE MY PUMP (and my freedom to drive!!!!!~)
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