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[IP] Removing Sticky residue

I buy a product from Bruce medical supplies (it's a mail order health and 
medical supply company). It's called uni-solve, it comes in 32 oz, 8 oz. and 
50/pkg. of wipes like alcohol wipes. I buy the 8 oz. bottle and use a cotton 
ball to wipe it off. You hardly have to rub and it takes it all right off. 
And it is completely safe. They also sell a skin bond cement that is good for 
the hot summer days or if you plan to do a lot of swimming, it is a contact 
cement that forms a waterproof bond that you can remove with the uni-solve. 
Call them and have them send a free catalogue. It's got all sorts of great 
stuff in it. I bought an 8 oz bottle 14 months ago and I am just now down to 
the last ounce or two, then I bought one package of wipes for traveling so I 
would not have to carry the 8 oz. bottle on trips.
Bruce Medical

Uni-solve 8 oz. #UD4020   $8.75
Uni-solve 32 oz. #UD4021  $28.50
Uni-solve Wipes 50/pkg. # UD4023  $14.50
Skin Bond Cement 4 oz.  #UD4000    $10.30

Any questions just drop me a line.
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