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Re: [IP] Insulin Use Before and After Pump

On 6 Aug 99, at 13:58, Susan K wrote:
> IP List,
> I have been wondering how much difference there is in total
> daily insulin used before and after getting a pump.
> Could people please respond with that information?
> *  -- Susan K.  (^i^)               *

There is an article in the August Diabetes Interview which quotes 
from ADA Scientific Sessions in San Diego that patients decrease 
insulin dosages by an average of 26%.  Humalog users averaged a 
reduction of 29% and Velosulin/BR users averaged 25%.  I have 
found that my reduction has been around 24%  [but then I have 
been enjoying more ice cream during this hot weather,  ;>) ]

The article goes on to say that A1c avgs. are improved and that pre-
teens show marked improvement in overnight control.

George Lovelace
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