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Re: [IP] Optimism re diabetes

In a message dated 8/4/99 3:29:12 AM Central Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

<< How do you deal with staying positive 
 about the future??  
 Also, how has everyone handled educating partners? >>

Jasmine, I am a positive person and have become this way because I have 
become a more active participant in educating others about IDD and trying to 
raise money for that CURE.  I am very involved in the Walk for Diabetes in my 
area.  I have been attempting to get alot of corporate sponsors.  I have 
enjoyed meeting these people and obtaining their support.  Since being on the 
Pump, I have felt so very good that I have been energized to get this disease 
eradicated.  I don't want my grandchildren and great grands to have to deal 
with IDD.  
I have had IDD for 39 years and I do have some complications, but they have 
never prevented me from doing what I want to do.  I hope these complications 
will progress slowly because of pump therapy, but I really don't think about 
the long term.  I live everyday as though it were my last and find that this 
makes me more productive and more caring about others.

I guess you are young and I must confess that when I was young, I took care 
of my IDD very poorly.  I am a very independent person and, when I married(23 
years ago), I did not need my husband's help concerning IDD.  I didn't 
educate him about much.  However, when I became pregnant(21 years ago), 
everything changed.  I was passing out right and left and I DID need help.  
He had a crash course in IDD caregiving.  I think you are right to educate 
your partner before problems happen.  If he loves you, he will gladly do 
this.  I would just tell him that there are a few things he needs to know.  
Introduce him to things slowly so he is not scared by the responsibility.  
Don't expect him to be as interested in IDD as you are.  I don't think that 
is common.  I am glad my husband is not overly involved in my care.  He's a 
partner,  not an overseer.  

Good luck to you and I hope this helps.
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