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Why holes in top was Re: [IP] Red Tappit, Disetronic

The idea behind the red tappet is to keep water from getting into the chamber 
where the insulin cartridge is located and contaminating the insulin. If 
water gets in the chamber it still has to get past the rubber plunger in the 
cartridge to mix with the insulin. So the odds are really slim that water 
will get into the insulin and contaminate it. If water does get in the 
chamber just pull the cartridge out and dump the water because that chamber 
is completely waterproof from the internal operations of the pump. The reason 
for the holes in the top to begin with is to allow air into the chamber 
behind the plunger on the cartridge as it raises up pushing the insulin out 
into the tubing. In other words "Pressure equalization in the chamber"!
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