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[IP] Random thoughts on Diabetes

Evening fellow pumpers:

When I was getting my pump training in April, the Minimed rep ( RN,CDE)
was telling me that with the new 
continuous blood glucose sensor now approved by the FDA, that if all went
well Minmed hoped to have 
approval within about 5 yrs. to couple the sensor with a pump and in
essence create a sort of artificial pancreas.
When I was dx'd in 1988, I went and did some research and it struck me
what advances have been made with 
DM in the last 20 yrs. Human insulin, (now Humulog), bg monitors,
pumps.... we are the beneficiaries of some real blessings that have given
us new hope and tools in holding this monster at bay.  We fight the good
fight and this 
enemy is relentless, yeah we have an 84 this morning but whoops! a 267
this afternoon.  Let us be thankful for our 
little pagers with the funny clear antennas that help most of us improve
our control, improve our A1Cs, and free us from 
3 and 4 shots a day.

I bet ol' Al Mann is glad he started making these pumps in cool blue,
probably helped sell a few.  
Although I too have a blue 507C, I would be thrilled if the thing was
international orange with black and purple stripes.
Besides, wouldn't it boring if everybody's pump was the same color....

Finally, I'm looking for some advice.  When I sweat, I sweat profusely
and my my op site dressings turn loose. 
Is there a trick you can do to keep this from happening?  I would welcome
any advice ya'll have.  Thanks dudes and dudettes.

Mark Kirkland
dx'd 10/88  pumping since 4/99

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