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In a message dated 8/6/99 5:18:46 PM Pacific Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

<< oh now it come down to a man and women. i don't think so. we all share in 
 life decisions. making any thing a matter of differance(man - woman, race 
 ethnicity, or how much sicker you are) make things easy to separate when we 
 should all be in this together.  i had my funeral and burial paid for by the 
 time i was twenty. it is good to be prepared. but not to do because you are 
 afraid, is wrong. unless you have the needed proof that it is wrong to do. 
 all decisions have risks. and to ignore them is foolish. but to use 
 superstition to hide behind makes anyone useless to themselves and to 
 why even look for the answer to life if your afraid to live.
I think you misunderstood my post.  It was in relation to carrying children 
and having to go through pregnancy.  So I guess unless you know something 
that I don't than the consideration that goes into the risk of having 
children is uniquely a woman's.  That was all I was saying.  Woman with 
diabetes have some greater decision making when it comes to starting a family 
than a man does.  What it can do to our bodies as well as what can happen to 
the child are crucial and important decisions.

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