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[IP] bilberries

the biggest issue with use of herbs is related to lack of guarantee form the 
manufacturers that you are getting what they claim to give you.. the industry 
is not regulated by FDA because it is not food and it is not a drug... there 
are few to no controlled studies that prove the benefits.. there re 
documented horror stories of complications due to contamination of products 
by other substances like heavy metals (which can damage kidneys and other 
organs).. please make sure you check with your endo before you embark on 
alternative therapy..  

i don't lknow if you all know about the problems with metabolife..  our 
institution has apparently reported to FDA the heart related complications 
due to use of metabolife by previously healthy individuals.. an intensive 
care trip is not worth the weight loss from metabolife..

unfortunately for users, once the problem is identified or reported, many 
people have already ingested the substance and are now worrying about any 
damage that could have occurred.. and the waiting game starts... is it worth 
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