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[IP] Yucky control...

so, as i mentioned when i joined the list, i have not been getting the
control that i once did with a 2+ daily injection MDI regimen.  this last
week it has gotten significantly worse (to the point that i've been taking
guesses from friends and family about what my bg will be, whenever i pull
out my meter...  current extremes are 43 and 408....)
several people have asked me why i didn't have an appointment sooner than
september... well, i called my endo group, to see if i could move
something up, and got lucky enough to have a receptionist who gave me my
endo's private practice phone #... the receptionist there got me an
appointment with the nurse educator on tuesday of next week, and one with
my endo the wednesday of the following week.... they're happy to work with
me about getting on the pump (hence the nurse/educator appointment...)
(my endo actually works with many diabetic women who want to become
pregnant, and it very up on pump use and tight control....)  so, everyone
should wish me well!  soon, i too will be assimilated into the borg (i


Jessica Elena Marder
email @ redacted

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