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Re: [IP] lowered basal since camp

<<Kevin has needed less and less insulin since getting on the pump. Strange 
great. How can it be so good for weeks and weeks and then WHAMOO it changes?>>

Robin  - this is a common happening, especially with kids. Between their 
changing activity levels, growth hormones, and all the "other" hormones their 
bodies are kicking around, it's bound to happen. We find Amy's basals will be 
great for about 5 - 6 weeks, then need some tweaking here and there.

<<Also, since going on the pump, he has grown 2.5 inches, and lost 4 lbs. He 
looked pretty chunky pre-pump and now his pants are falling off! way cool. >>

Amy did this too. In fact, she had grown so little in the 2 years since dx 
before she went on the pump, we were getting concerned -- always the smallest 
in the class, tiny feet, etc. 4 months post pumping, she had grown over 1 
1/2" and hasn't slowed down! She is now 5' 3 1/2", a height I never thought 
she would reach. And, she and her older sister just got new cleats for soccer 
-- same size!!!  I attribute this not only to growth hormones, but to the 
fact that she is much healthier now -- better bgs, more active, feels great! 

I too love this pump!!!!

Mom of Amy (13 in 5 days!! Oh my!!!!)
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