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Re: [IP] apologize


I am the one who started the discussion on pump color.  I
haven't got mine yet.  The reason I asked was because I
really like the blue pumps but I wasn't sure that color
would be "proper" for a 47 year old woman.  I bought a car
3 months ago, it is blue.  If you look in my closet most of
my wardrobe is blue or has some blue tints in it somewhere.
 Matter of fact, I am wearing a blue T-shirt and denim
shorts right now.  Obviously, I LIKE BLUE.  From the
responses I got, I have decided that my pump will
definitely be BLUE!

I didn't realize, when I asked the question, that it would
get the response that it did. Sorry if I offended anybody.


P.S. Could you please turn off the HTML on your messages
and send them in plain text.  My eyes have a hard time
reading them because the letters are so small right now. 
If you don't know how to do this with your e-mail program,
I am sure that one of the Admins here on IP can help you.


--- Greetings from the Eakins <email @ redacted>

> I guess i have made a bunch of people angry, my point
> about the color is,
> it's fine, but i had over 150 messages yesterday and over
> one -half were about the color of the pump. I look at
> this to be a support group for me, cause i live in a
> small area, where there is no support group, i had to
> drive 300 miles to get my pump.I have become very
> depressed and felt like life is just not fair, then i
> started searching and found Insulin pumpers. I was so
> happy at first, I stayed up until 2 in the morning just
> reading about everybody with diabetes, and the moms of
> the ones that have it.It made me feel better. I was just
> thinking maybe it could be less about the color of the
> pump and more things to help each other, i have learned
> alot since i have been on the e-mail list since Friday, i
> have a great husband who is very supportive, and my
> church family always willing to listen, but nobody knows
> what you go through unless they have gone through it.
> Like i have severe headaches when my sugar  goes low and
> is coming up, like the neuropathy, you people know what
> it's like. We are here to help one another, and it's fine
> with the color, mine is white and my backup is clear, but
> i have had my pump almost 5 years, so there was no color
> when i got mine. Since i have been found disabled with
> severe neuropathy, and i lost one of my ins compnies. it
> has been hard on me getting supplies, and that's what i
> meant about those that are without. I did'nt mean to hurt
> no one and am very tenderhearted, and have already rec'd
> one ugly e-mail. So please forgive me and  please don't
> send ugly e-mails.
> Again i am very sorry.
> Teresa

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