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Re: [IP] Set changing

email @ redacted wrote:
> My 9yo's bgs always go up after a set change.  I am pretty sure it is air,
> despite my being very careful, I do see microscopic bubbles for awhile after
> a set change.  I don't seem able to get rid of them properly when loading the
> cartridge.  I hit it, I take off the top to let air out, I prime.  Help!

OK, do you also warm the insulin to room temperature before you load the pump
with it? Thing is that cold fluids hold air bubbles fairly well, when they
warm up the bubbles show up. Same thing as with a cold vs warm soda pop when
you open the container.

This bothers many pumpers at the start, but isn't hard to correct. Myself
I take the bottle from the fridge and warm it with my hands before putting
the needle in.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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