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Re: [IP] ? Delayed Humalog Absorption ?

> I have a friend who is on a disetronic, uses tender infusion sets,
> and is having a lot of trouble with her bg's right now.  Her humalog
> does not seem to be fast acting at all... two hours after a basal,
> she'll hardly have dropped at all.  Also, her sites only last about
> two days.  Can I get advice from people with experience on this
> problem? I've heard about mixing Velosulin with Humalog.. is that
> for this problem?  Her highs take so long to come down, and it's
> hard to predict her basal rates because of this... she's not used to
> getting all these 200's and I think it's turning her away from the
> pump.

those symptoms are typical of site corruption caused by sensitivity 
to Humalog. Giving a mix a try will give her the opportunity to see 
if that will solve the problem, it has for many others. She can also 
try switching to Regular or Velosulin for a week and if the problems 
go away, then a mix may help her while retaining the good properties 
of Humalog.

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