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Re: [IP] Re: Does the Color matter


I totally agree with you.  I love blue too!  I just bought
a car in mid-May and it is Blue -- That's what attracted me
to it in the beginning.  Most of my clothes are either blue
or have a little bit of blue somewhere in them.

I haven't got my pump yet, but when I do, you can bet it
will be blue -- whether it is MiniMed or Disetronic.  I
have found out, through this IP list, that it isn't just
kids that choose blue -- there are adults older than me
that choose it.

Have a smiley, happy day!


--- email @ redacted wrote:
>      Curtis Lomax-way to go! You brought tears to my eyes
> because I can 
>      tell what an incredible daddy and person you are! I
> have a blue one, 
>      too, and I got it because I LOVE blue. It's true,
> with all the crummy 
>      things we do every day to exist in a healthy way,
> that one little 
>      thing makes a difference. It's like when I bought my
> last car, the 
>      deal was cinched when I found out there was a cup
> holder! Go figure 
>      how our minds work!
>      Sarah 

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