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[IP] Jason's Coach

Hello everyone,
     and many thanks to those who have given their input on this matter.
I have just come from the high school, where I had a talk with the athletic director. He seemed to very a polite understanding man. His words were, "these sports are not for the coaches, but for the self-esteem of the kids. He plans on having a talk with coach Haak tonight and will get back to me. He, as well as myself hope to have this resolved peacefully.
    I'm not sure if it can though, since coach Haak told Jason on the phone, the last time they talked. His exact words were "We don't want people like you on the team" I think that has me more upset than anything.  Although those words will forever ring in my head, I am willing to forgive and go on with a pleasant school year if he is.
I will keep you posted.
Thanks for letting me vent about this.
Sincerely, Leisha Roberts email @ redacted