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RE: [IP] Does the color matter

Yes, the color does matter.  
I ask my 7yr old to do shots, count carbos, wear a watch with 5 alarms to
time snacks and lunches.  Eat only what she is supposed to and nothing else.
Prick her finger over and over and over.  She does everything thing that ask
her to.  No, and I mean, No complaints or cheating or self pity.  Just
compliance and and a great attitude.
So when we were going onto the pump she asked me for a blue one.  The
distributor that my HMO uses didn't want make a special order.  I spent 2
days on the phone, while I was starting a new job, to get someone to
breakdown and get her a blue pump.  When I told her that I didn't think that
we were going to get her that blue one she just said, "That will be OK, but
I would really like a Blue One".  Then, it was even more important what
color it was.
She now has a blue 507c.  And it is important.  The most important? Maybe
not, but enough for me.
Curtis Lomax

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I Joined insulin pumpers on Fri the 30th. There has been more things about
the color of the pump than anything. So what about the color? What about
these poor kids and people in Russia or other places that don't even have
insulin, or syringes,and even testing supplies.They probably die. I thank
God for allowing this to be invented and that he made it available for me,
and espically for a child, that has diabetes, at least they can go through
their childhood with a pump.We have alot to be thankful about. I have had so
much more freedom with my pump.I can wait and eat late, skip meals, and do
so much more with the pump. We need to figure out away to be helping the
ones without.
Sorry don't mean to be ugly, but it's the truth.

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