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Re: [IP] Big Problems

   I am having the same problem.  I was doing great and then yesterday it was
downhill for no good reason.. I woke yesterday with a 90 bg.  From there on I
was 200 or a little higher all day.  Changed the site and I too did the
checking the pump.  I run out of explanations.  I've noticed you and I  seem to
have some things in common.I usually run low the 1st 2 weeks of my cycle but go
higher the 2nd.  What is it with our hormones?  I know my basals are finally ok
at least for now, I just checked.  It does seem that I am constantly adjusting
them.  But what gives now I don't know.  By the way I am in the 1st half of the
month so I would need the lower basals settings. HELP!!!!Sheila

Compell, Ellen A, CFCTR wrote:

> Please Help!
> I don't know what is wrong, but in the past four days, my control has gone
> from perfect to completely disastrous.  I have tried everything I can think
> of.  I have tried changing sites, switching bottles, using shots, changing
> pumps, testing my pump for occlusion alarms and the 7.2 unit lead screw
> test.  My last hope is that the insulin is bad.  I am getting a new vial
> today.
> Thanks,
> Ellen A. Compell
> (732) 457-2545
> email @ redacted <mailto:email @ redacted>
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