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Miss America (was)Re: [IP] before D diagnosis

    Miss America was our "special guest" Tuesday at ourthird & final  JDF 
WALK kickoff luncheon (Melissa spoke at the 2nd one)& she too related how 
she'd been misdiagnosed as "just" an overworked, tired, stressed-out college 
student. I sat next to her chaperone who related how they'd had to stop at a 
drugstore on their way to the luncheon & have the druggist call Nicole's 
doctor for a prescription for Humalog, because her bgs were rising.They 
thought the Humalog had been affected by all the hot climates she'd been in 
the preceding days. Nicole asked all the pumpers in the room to raise their 
hands. Told them she chose black because it doesn't clash with her outfits, 
but that she bets a lot of them have the "cool blue" one! So, we're not the 
only ones talking about pump COLORS!! LOL...(cutting & pasting here from an 
e-mail I sent afterwards): As one of the past corporate chairmen explained to 
the 400 guests, the feeling in the room & the feeling at our annual WALK is 
akin to Woodstock ('69 that is - not the most recent)- a giant "love-in" 
where everyone is united by a common bond to create something spectacular. 
The warmth & cameraderie shared by those of us who would do whatever it takes 
to bring the reality of a CURE one day closer is amazing, but what was truly 
PHENOMENAL was Miss America! Even my 16 yr old and her 17 yr old friend were 
in awe of how personable, down to earth & sincere she was in talking about 
life with diabetes...and also about her pump! I think everyone in the room 
was literally hanging on to her every word, THAT'S how articulate a 
spokeswoman she was for diabetes. She welcomed questions from the audience, 
and I was delighted to hear one asked about her pump, because it came from a 
10 yr old boy whose mom has been gathering resources from me so that she can 
pursue getting her son on a pump. Another child asked if Miss America was 
ever scared when people told her "bad things" about diabetes. Her response to 
that difficult question was equally thoughtful, sensitive & sincere. I have 
to believe everyone walked out of that room highly motivated to develop their 
best WALK team ever!...and my daughter, who got to spend a few minutes with 
Miss America (even touched the crown and got a personalized autographed 8x10 
glossy photograph of Nicole Johnson!),all but FLOATED out of there. 

Regards, Renee (melissa's pump-mom)
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