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[IP] Re: Optimism

     I just had to add something here as I read though the digests. My 
     grandmother was the 3rd oldest living diabetic in Indiana when she 
     died in 1997. She was diagnosed in 1935 with IDD. She was what they 
     used to call "brittle". She used to act like a drunk, they said, when 
     she was low. I remember one story my Grandpa would tell about 
     everybody going to the movies when my dad was a little boy. Grandma 
     got low, and starting freaking out in the theater like she had  few 
     too many highballs! Well, she started running around, and the manager 
     had to practically throw everybody out. Once out, she had orange 
     juice, and calmed down. WWhew! We used to laugh so much at that. 
     Anyway, my point is, she always gave me encouragement when I felt 
     troubled. She actually diagnosed me herself with a urine test, and she 
     was always there to reassure me. She used to work out, when no one her 
     age did. Her friends used to tease her that she was putting "something 
     else" in her shots, she had so much energy! My gram did anything she 
     wanted, but she always took care of herself with whatever tools she 
     had. Not as sophisticated as we have today, but she did what she 
     could. Optimism is difficult, butI always put it in perspective 
     against someone else's plight. Then it doesn't seem so bad. hey i can 
     actually LIVE with this and have a good life. I couldn't be more 
     thankful for what I have right now:a loving husband, a beautiful, 
     sweet little boy, and family and friends I can count on. Seems okay to 
     me! Just wanted to add my 2 cents.:) 
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