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[IP] before D diagnosis

I've been following the thread of before dx problems like: leg cramps and 
charlie horses before diagnosis that the docs said had nothing to do with 
diabetes....Kevin had headaches in the front of his head for 6 months before 
he was diagnosed.  I had him to the doctor about 6 times too! They had me 
doing a food diary and had him on Motrin, then some other NSAIDS, they were 
going to try meds for migraines. A week after dx, when his bgs normalized, 
the headaches were gone!!!!!  ( I could have kicked myself too!)

I can't complain too much that the docs missed it, because I am an RN and 
20-20 hindsight...I feel I missed some valuable clues too! Many you could 
write off to "he's a growing boy" or "it's his activity level!"  Teachers 
afterwards told me how much he was disruptive going to the bathroom all day 
long or drinking! THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN GOOD TO KNOW!!!

This just shows me how un educated most people are towards Diabetes.

I thank God and my persistance everyday for the pump!!!

Mom of Kevin, dx 12./98
pumping since 5/99
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