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[IP] Excessive tears

My right eye keeps filling with tears, which I often confuse with the blobs 
left over from my last retinal bleed.  It really takes the joy out of 
reading.  The first time this happened a nurse at Wilmer suggested using 
artificial tears 4 times a day, that my eye was responding to too watery 
tears and kept making more, and that this was a diabetes problem.  I thought 
it helped -- anyway it went away after awhile.  About 10 years later when it 
happened again, the artificial tears didn't seem to help much -- my retinal 
specialist referred me to another opthamologist who wanted to do surgery 
because he said the muscle in my lower lid was faulty.  I didn't, and an endo 
I asked was sure my problem was a diabetic neuropathy (he had a name for it, 
I think it was a syndrome with hyphenated German names -- I have forgotten 
it, does anyone know?).  Anyway, after almost 9 months the problem 
disappeared quite suddenly, in the same way that facial pain neuropathies do. 
 But here it is again (again after about 10 years).

Anyone have this, or have any ideas about it?  I will ask my current endo at 
the next appt., but my expectations are low.

Linda Zottoli
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