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[IP] STP road race

>I am planning to ride the Seattle to Portland cycling tour next year. Has 
anyone completeted that with an insulin pump? Any hints or suggestions? On 
the few training rides I have gone on, I could almost get away with turning 
the pump off for an hour or so. But on an all-day ride, I wouldn't do it.<

Hi Greg,
I've done a significant amount of riding (on my bike) with my pump. One thing 
I would suggest is to clip the pump to your shorts and let the bike shirt 
"lay" over it. Don't put the pump into the back-of-bike-shirt pocket. Keep it 
on your waist at a place that you can easily access it. You will need to 
continually adjust your temporary basil rate. I manage my Bg and my ability 
to consume "normal" amounts of food/drink, by adjusting my rates with a 
temporary decrease/increase which can vary from 0 to 140%. If you keep the 
pump in your pocket and drop it during an adjustment while riding...BIG 
TROUBLE! Check your Bg often!

Good luck and Happy trails,

Bill King
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