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[IP] bilberry for the eyes, diabetes

I picked up a book  by James F. Balch, M.D. called "The SUPER Antioxidants"  (ISBN
0-87131-851-2, Copyright 1998)(Publisher M. Evans and Company, Inc., 216 East 49th
Street, New York, New York 10017) which calls bilberry (aka huckleberry or
whortleberry) "the best hope available to diabetics facing vision impairment"
(ie., better than pine bark, grape seed extract, etc.).

The author says that bilberries are loaded with anthocyanocides, zinc, manganese
and selenium. He says that the main effect of bilberry is an improvement in
circulation and blood vessel health and that this is especially beneficial for the

Other benefits are that it lowers blood pressure, reduces clotting and contains
glucoquinine (which can lower blood sugar).

Anyway, health food stores sell bilberry in capsule form and it's not expensive -
It sounds like a good thing to add to our list of daily supplements. Does anybody
take this already and have any impression or knowledge as to its value?


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