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[IP] Any suggestions?

Hello everyone,
    I know I have not written for a very long time. I usually like to just
sit back and read. My son is Jason and has been on the pump for almost a
year now. His story is with the children's section of this site. "Jason is
    Well, this is my problem. Jason is in cross country, he did quite well
for his first year last year. Well his coach says now that he does not wnat
Jason on the team. He has used some excuse that he saw Jason out in town
over the summer and that Jason flipped him the bird. I doubted Jason did
this knowing how important this sport was to him. But even so, Jason begged
and apologized for something he still says he did not do.
    I have just recently learned through 2 teachers whose names I can not
reveal. That say they heard Coach Haak say last year that he did not want
Jason on the team. His diabetes just made him too nervous, he is a very old
out of shape man. And I can understand how Jason having diabetes can make
him nervous, but this to me is still not fair to Jason.
    This is a first with discrimination with us. Any suggestions on how I
should handle this?
I will appreciate any comments on this.
Leisha Roberts email @ redacted

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