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[IP] our mortality (alos longish!)


I enjoyed reading your "longish" essay on our mortality as I share many
of the same ideas and viewpoints.  I would just like to add to yours, if
you don't mind.

I too have many health problems in addition to my D.  I am 3x kidney
tranplant, cancer survivor, Rheum. arthritis, cervical problems - like
you the list goes on.  I have thought often about many of the subjects
you raise - such as who will care for me if I grow old with
complications, whether it's fair to saddle others with this burden etc.
My outlook on this subject changed three years ago when my husband
donated a kidney to me.  There is no greater gift from one person to
another and it is truly profound.  Sometimes, we'll be sitting ,
watching TV and I will look over at him - and the reality of this washes
over me all over again.  It's hard to think about.  I realized when he
offered to do this that by not allowing him (as I was inclined to do), I
was depriving him of helping me the only way he knew how.

As for adoption - I too have considered this and I think you need make
no apologies here.  I do not think you're crazy, but very selfless and
caring, in that in addition to your personal health problems, you are
STILL capapble of caring and giving to others.  Many people with chronic
illness lose this ability and become paralyzed by their own fears of
their illness.  You are to be commended.

Just one more thought on longevity. I too had myself convinced that I
would not be granted longevity - the odds are just against it.  But - as
you mention - if you knew tomorrow was your last day, would that change
your behavior today?  The same could be said in reverse.  If you knew
your loved one would be gone tomorrow, would that also change your
behavior?  What I mean to say that "healthy" people are not immortal
either.  No one knows - I have outlasted many of my high school
classmates - something I would have never guessed twenty years ago! I
get such a charge at reunions - they all look at me puzzled and I
imagine them thinking to themselves "Holy Moly - is she still alive?"

I - again like you - also have a deep faith in God.  My faith and my
family have carried me and they will carry me until I'm gone.  Because
these are the things that keep us strong.

Love and Light,

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