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[IP] thanks a million and some GREAT NEWS!!

Hi all!  I just wanted to thank all of you pumpers and future pumpers out 
there who have written to me giving suggestions and support and advice and 
just a great group of people to be in touch with . . .thanks so much 
especially for all the advice on colleges and all the letters from people my 
age out there!
   And some great news too . . .the best two days of my life since diagnosis 
3 months ago:  I just got a NEW ENDO who I absolutely love . . much better 
than my old pediatric endos, who, at 17, I have definately outgrown ("Quick! 
Your blood sugar is only 130!! You need some juice. Now!!")  anyway . . .i 
made an appointment with my new doc for Oct 8 (the soonest they had.)  then 
the nurse called the next day (yesterday) and said she couldn't sleep 
because she was thinking about how badly I wanted a pump etc. etc. and 
managed to fit me in for an appointment TODAY!!! Wow.  So I went and met my 
new doc. who is wonderful and who approved me for a pump!  He said it might 
only take a few weeks as recently his patients have been receiving their 
pumps in about two weeks!!
	I finally feel like I am doing everything I can to take care of myself.  
Oh, for any of you who have been following my posts on which pump to get, I 
am initially going with minimed because that is the company that my new 
doctor deals with primarily.  And for any of you who gave me college advice 
(carrie :)  I am visiting Tufts University tomorow  and University of 
Vermont next week so wish me luck!!
	Thanks to all and happy pumping from future pumper, Gianna  :O)
(big genuine smile for the first time in 3 months!!!!)

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