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Re: [IP] Insulin Approved (finally)

At 08:04 AM 08/05/1999  Fran Baumgartner wrote:
> > How many criminals does that add up to on this IP List?
>Probably a lot.
> >
> > Maybe we all need to go into hiding!
>Cool, where should we meet?   :-)

In the nearest stadium... it needs to be big enough to hold all of us.

Just a clarification (from my perspective). It's not illegal to use Humalog 
in a pump, its just not specifically approved for that purpose in the US by 
the FDA. Any doctor can prescribe an approved drug like Humalog. How it is 
used, is up to us.

I suspect the reason why Humalog is not "approved" is that FDA approval is 
really irrelevant. The time and money involved with getting approval would 
only end up boosting the cost of insulin without much tangible benefit... 
except for an "approved label". (Just my 2 cents worth)


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