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[IP] hi BG shortly before change battery message

email @ redacted wrote:

> has anyone noticed high BG readings about a week before you 
> get the reminder to change batteries?  has happened 2 times in 
> a row now for her... BG readings go back to usual range after 
> battery change.. she decided to change batteries before the usual 
> time.. and the high BG readings did not occur..

as with everything, HMMV (her mileage...), however I think not waiting til 
the alarm comes is WASTING batteries.  Considering there are SO many HUMAN 
error things that can cause an unexplained high blood sugar, I don't think I 
would blame one or two on dying batteries.  I don't think the pump 
manufacturers would allow the pump WAIT a week to give an alarm if there was 
any decrease in efficiency.  Besides, the alarm sounds when there is 
approximately 10% of battery life left...you still should have another few 
days before it stops working.  I have gone 5 days after the alarm.

good luck

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