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[IP] Disetronic Questions

At 08:21 PM 8/4/99 , you wrote:
>I do have some questions:
>1.  as you know with Disetronic you get two pumps--with the second pump do
>you put the batteries in it so your ready if you need it?

NO  haha   don't put batteries in the other pump until you need it.  If you 
leave batteries in the spare pump the "counter" on the pump for the 
inspection will start.  So if you do switch pumps be sure to take the 
batteries out of the other one so the counter stops.

>2.  If so do you program your basals in the second pump?

What i Do is keep a hard copy of all the basal rates printed out and in the 
supply case.  I would suggest this because if the pump should mess up for 
some reason you may not be able to go threw the pump to get your rates off 
of it.

>3. When do you change your cartridge?  a) when your run completely dry, and
>if so do you carry with you the extra cartridge so you can change it where
>ever you are?  or b) do you just do the change at a convenient time and
>waste a bit of insulin?

One thing i have just started to do is refill the same cartridge when 
needed  like if i am going to run out say at work i will either take a new 
pre filled or just take the insulin and fill the cartridge that is in the pump.

>4. How do you handle high fat or protein meals?  I hear of some doing a temp
>increase in basals for a couple of hours-- But with the Disetronic the only
>increase is for 12 hours---is this correct?

What i do here is just bolus some at the meal to cover the faster starches 
and then bolus again about 1-2 hours later to cover the fat.  you may want 
to try every way to find what works best.

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